Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Messenger with a Keen Eye Sight

The Snowy Owl is known as the messenger with a keen eye sight. In the world of  the animal spirit, the Snowy Owl is the messenger who glances into the soul to discern meaning and motives. The Snowy Owl is the totem of truth. 

Winter in Maine can be a challenge. Being a photographer, though, I enjoy the winter months to take shots of winter sunsets,  icy tree limbs, children's snowmen and the birds at my feeder.

This winter I heard about the arrival of some Snowy Owls in the area. This is rare here in Maine, especially for the owls to stay for awhile. As word among photographers spread, there were many photographers out to find the great owls. 

I had been itching to get out but my schedule was just not conducive to the time that might be needed. Plus, the temperature most mornings had been a brisk ten degrees which is not a temperature I enjoy shooting in. This week I could just not stand it any longer and fearing that the owls would disappear, I called a fellow photographer and set out to find the owls.

The temperature on the overcast morning hovered around ten degrees. My friend and I hit the road and I was determined we would find them. In fact, I thought the owls would just be waiting for us because I had finally found the time. We began searching for places that had been logged on a bird sighting app as to where the owls had been seen. The news was not good. Most of the sightings were stating that the owls had been seen five days ago, nine days ago and in some places up to two weeks ago.

Had I waited too long? Had I just not made this a priority? Had I missed out?

The first three hours proved to be an effort in futility. We drove to several areas and jumped out of the truck, scoured the area and then with no owls in site, climbed back in the truck shivering from the cold. 

How discouraging! We took a break and then decided to return to an area that we had tried earlier. We drove to a parking lot and two people were getting out of their cars and with binoculars in hand were looking off in the distance. Could this be it? A Snowy Owl at last in view? Was that an owl up on a roof?

Yes, off in the distance perched on a roof of a spiritual center was a Snowy Owl. We needed a closer view. We were off and "trucking." We followed the owl for over an hour. The sky cleared to a beautiful, cerulean blue. A beautiful backdrop against the owl. Our cameras were clicking continuously trying to capture the perfect shot.

Driving home, I was so glad that we had been patient. Sometimes, it is so hard to be patient. Whether we are looking for a new job, a new direction or working to bring a dream to fruition. 
Being patient can well be worth the wait. A Snowy Owl might appear.


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