Friday, April 09, 2010

Haiti and the Olympics: The Human Spirit

The last several posts have been about finding your passion and aspects of career and life transition. I need to shift and write about Haiti and the Olympics. The pictures and stories of Haiti which are slowly fading in our minds truly speak to the human spirit and the willingness to rebuild. I am just returning from the side of the island that was untouched by the earthquake which felt odd and brought back thoughts of Haiti once again.

The contrast of Haiti and our attention (with the help of the media) from the devastation to watching the Olympics and the determination of the athletes seeking medals was amazing. I am not saying that when different events occur we should not shift gears. The shift is in part due to how long our attention lasts and the need to get on with things in our own lives.

What holds my attention long past the event, is the human spirit. The passion and will to achieve what in some instances (as Greg Brooks, a local Maine treasure hunter's, determination to deliver supplies despite numerous roadblocks illustrated) seems impossible. Even the people in Haiti who have struggled for so long and yet they continue to endure. With the rains coming, people are gathered together under tarps, makeshift hospitals continue to operate and orphanages bursting at the walls are taking in children. Many are showing the signs of poor nutrition and the impact of poverty. I hope, we all will not go back to our lives and forget the human struggle in that part of the world.

The Olympians, on the other hand, have physical bodies that are fit and although they may sustain an athletic injury, they too have sheer determination. Many of their stories were of physical and emotional pain and the ability to overcome the pain in order to win medals for their countries. Such pride! Such determination!

As the Olympics are now part of history and stories of Haiti appear less and less, I hope we all hold onto the power of the human spirit, the vision of hope and the passion for life and the gold.


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