Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Intense Passion

The words in Tina Turner's (yes I am dating myself)  very well known song, Proud Mary, starts by saying the song will start out easy but then it will end rough. When I think of Tina Turner, even today, she is full of passion for music. In my mind, she is intense, not rough.

I am known for being intense. Sometimes this has gotten in the way. I never seem to do anything "easy." I push myself. When I embark on a new venture, I want to achieve the best I can right away. This has always  been the case for me. I want to be the best mother, grandmother and sister. I want to be a great writer, artist, and consultant. I have had my disappointments like everyone has but I have a hard time letting go of my dreams of achieving my best.

One of my recent new ventures, is biking and swimming. I have had to give up running due to neuropathy so I have taken up swimming and biking. My daughters and I decided to participate in the Tri for a Cure, which is a swimming, biking and running event to raise awareness for breast cancer. I am doing the biking which is 15 miles. I have taken on the biking with an intensity to achieve this goal on July 21st for a dear friend who lost her life to breast cancer last year. Her picture is here.

Today (June 26th), I rode 15 miles in 73 minutes. I biked with an intensity and passion that I know will help me achieve the goals on July 21st.

Being intense can help us achieve our goals. How has an intensity helped you achieve your passion in work, life or relationships?


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